Community Guide to Recycling

To begin with, Lets Keep it Clean


KCMB is a non-profit organization. Everything that comes in to this center has to be sorted by hand. Most of that sorting is done by volunteers from the community. Please remember this when you drop items off for recycling.

  •  Rinse food containers, milk jugs, and food tins or cans.
  •  Do NOT leave food or fecal matter in appliances or other containers.
  •  Paper materials should be clean and dry.
  •  We can not recycle used tissues, toilet paper, or baby diapers.
  •  We can not recycle needles, Band-Aids, or used pregnancy tests.

Our health and safety is important. A great rule of thumb would be, do not leave it here if you wouldn’t want to touch it with your own hands.

Don't hesitate to ask for help!


We are so excited to know that you are wanting to learn about recycling in our community! Hopefully the information you find here will help.  Every effort is appreciated an makes a difference. If by chance you have questions and cant find the answer here, please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. We would love to hear from you.  

Wait! Can I Recycle That?

Magazines and Newspapers


Yes, Magazines and newspaper are recyclable here.  Please make sure that they are clean and dry.  

Cardboard and Boxboard


Yes, All cardboard boxes, cereal boxes, toilet/paper towel rolls, and things of this nature are recyclable.  

Sorted Office Paper


Yes,Sorted office paper consists of any color printer paper, receipt paper, mail, envelopes, and any other paper that doesn't have a wax coating.  




Yes, we accept Soda, ketchup, water, and juice bottles. Some microwave dinner trays. Produce containers, Household cleaner bottles, hand sanitizers/ hand soap containers. Any product whose container has a triangle with a #2 in it. 



Milk or water jugs, coffee containers, shampoo & conditioner bottles, bleach or detergent bottles, & shopping bags like the ones you get from dollar general or the grocery store. 

Solo Cups


We accept all rigid solo cups that have a #6 on the bottom of them. Including, but not limited to, the Solo Cup brand.  

Grocery Store Bags


Did you know that plastic grocery bags are #2s?  Yes, we can recycle these!


Food tins and metal spray cans


I stick to a magnet!  Please remember that we sort these by hand and rinse them before tossing them in your recycling bin.



When people think of aluminum, they tend to think of cans.  Did you know that the pie pans and many hygiene product containers are also aluminum? As well as some food tins and can food cans.  A simple way to tell the difference is with a magnet.  Aluminum doesn't stick to a magnet.  

Pots and Pans


Most pots and pans are made out of some type of metal.Stainless steel, aluminum, it doesn't matter.  We accept them. 

Large Appliances


Stoves, refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, air conditioners, are all made from metal and are accepted here.  Appliances must be empty.  We do not accept freezers or refrigerators that still have food in them.

Small Appliances


Small appliances.  Even those like vacuum cleaners that are covered with large amounts of plastic still contain many different types of metals, motors and sometimes contain computer boards as well.  

Copper, brass, or cast iron


We take all types of metals.  Brass, copper, stainless, Anything.  If you think it is metal, bring it and we will sort it out.  




We are able to accept all electronics. They have many useful parts that can be reclaimed. Computer towers, laptops, printers, fax machines, cell phones.  ect.  There is a $10 fee for tv's or old monitors that have tubes.  

Ink Cartridges


We are able to recycle name brand ink cartridges only.


Cigarette Litter


As weird as it sounds, yes we can recycle 100% of cigarette waste.  Ashes, filters, foil liners, plastic packaging.  It is all recyclable.  Cigarette litter must me dry.   

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Motor Oil


Our facility accepts used motor and cooking oils from households in our community.  They must be pure and free of any additives.