Helping is easier than you think

  KCMB has many opportunities for you, your family, friends, co-workers and organizations to become active in the Murray County Community.  Yes, we even have way for children to be involved! 


Don't quite know where to start?

Come to one of our board meetings.   The meetings are the second tuesday each month at 6pm.  At these meetings, we discuss upcoming events and strategies to make our program more successful.  They aren't just a great opportunity to see our heart and vision, it's a great way to let us know you are interested in helping.


One hour is all it takes

One hour, sharing your ideas with us at our board meeting each month. 

 One hour picking up the litter in front of your home. 

One hour helping a child complete a craft at one of our events.

One hour doing something as simple as putting mailing addresses on an envelope.